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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "PROTON"

Master Activities

Proton organizes many activities which are relevant to master students. They are various in nature: from career oriented to social to chemistry related. Below you can find a brief overview of these activities. A full overview of the activities Proton organizes can be found here.

Career Orientation    

Proton organizes many activities that help you to orient on what you can do after your master’s degree. Perhaps the largest is the Career Day, which is mandatory for all Nanomaterials Science students. On this day, alumni of Utrecht University and several companies will tell you about the possible career paths after your master. Beside the Career Day, there will be lunch lectures and excursions, organized by companies and research institutes. They will inform you about their core tasks and job possibilities. So Proton has a lot to offer when it comes to your career! 


Beside the career oriented activities, Proton also organizes activities which are more chemistry related. One example is the yearly study trip organized by Proton International. During this trip abroad, various chemical companies and universities are visited in order to get students acquainted with chemistry. More information and previous destinations can be found on the Proton International website.

During the annual PAC symposium, which is organized together with the chemistry student associations from Amsterdam and Leiden, a lot of foreign and domestic orators gather to give lectures on various topics in chemistry. Previous speakers include Ben Feringa, Douglas Stephan, Nicholas Kotov, Barry Sharpless and many more. For information on this event, you can visit their website.
Apart from organizing a wide range of activities for her members, Proton also has her own magazine called ‘De Chemograaph’. Chemistry related articles, interviews with professors and reports of Proton activities are examples of what can be found in this magazine.

Social Activities    

Apart from the educative activities, Proton also offers plenty of opportunities to hang out with your fellow students. The Master’s club is a group of master students who organize fun activities for master students. Previous activities include a Dutch Beer Night, playing pool and a Cocktail and Limbo Night. Next to these activities, Proton also organizes several other ones especially for master students in both the GSNS and GSLS! The GSNS activities are in collaboration with the other students associations of the Faculty of Science, and include for example a yearly Scavenger Hunt (GSNS) throughout the city and a barbecue (GSLS). Other fun activities include for example six parties that take place throughout the year, a gala, ‘borrels’, and other kinds of social gatherings. Furthermore, we have sports activities, an annual play, two camps and a “birthday” week (Dies) full of activities in May. Of course you can also join the other Proton activities, which can be found here.