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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "PROTON"

Master's Club


Danisha, Daphne, Kasper, Kirsten, Laura, Lisanne, Pedro, Robin, Winnie, Dinja, Mike, Marco, Raimon, Erkay

Belasting: Licht
Doel: Ter ontspanning
Verband: Protongericht

Master's Club

The Master's Club is one of Proton newest committees, now being three years old. The name already reveals it; our committee plans activities targeted for master students of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and the Graduate School of Life Sciences. These include escape rooms and pubquizzes, but also cocktail nights and playing billiards before the lockdown hit. Our purpose is to bring master students together, for it may be difficult to meet new people. We consist of fourteen people, making us one of the biggest committees the study association has to offer, also with the purpose of including as many master students as we can.

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