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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "PROTON"

General information

General information

The U.S.S. Proton is the study association for all Chemistry and Molecular Life Science Students in Utrecht, for both bachelor and master students. Proton organises recreational and study-oriented activities. There is an activity every Thursday, organised by our many committee members. During the week you can relax in the Proton room, which is located in the Victor J. Koningsberger building, room 2.04.

If you are a member you can use the following facilities Proton offers:

  • As a member you can participate in Protonactivities every Thursday! 
  • You get a discount on study books. 
  • You can attend lunch lectures by companies to get more more acquainted with what they have to offer you. 
  • Free coffee and tea at the comfy Proton room where you can meet other students and spend your breaks! 
  • And much more!

What does it cost and how can you become a member?

Master students only have to pay €10,- for the rest of their studies! To sign up for the association click here.

The Department    

Proton has a close relationship with the Department of Chemistry, which results in a broad cooperation between the two. Proton's commissioner of education is also a member of the departmental board and coordinates student representation. For more information, send an e-mail to

Proton Room

You can find the Proton room on the second floor of the Victor J. Koningsberger building. We are open daily, from 8.45 till 17.30 h and on Fridays from 8.45 till 17.00 h. You can come here to relax in between your lectures or experiments with a free cup of coffee or tea.

Book Sale

Proton is responsible for the book and reader sale. As a member you can order your study books at a discount at the webshop. Readers for certain courses can be bought at the Proton room. 

More information

For more information about Utrecht and Proton you can look here and here