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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "Proton"


The U.S.S. Proton is the students association for all Chemistry and Molecular Life Science Students in Utrecht, for both bachelor- and master students. Proton organises recreational and study-oriented activities. There is an activity every Thursday, organised by our many committee members. During the week you can relax in the Proton room.

If you are a member you can use the following facilities Proton offers:

  • As a member you can participate in Protonactivities every Thursday! 
  • You get a discount on study books. 
  • You can attend lunch lectures by companies to get more more acquainted with with what they have to offer you. 
  • Free coffee and tea at the comfy Protonroom where you can meet other students and spend your breaks! 
  • And much more!

What does it cost, and how can you become a member?

Master students only have to pay €10,- for the rest of their studies! To sign-up for the association click here.

Social Activities    

During your studies there are plenty of opportunities to hang out with your fellow students: for example, six parties take place throughout the year, a gala and other kinds of social gatherings. Furthermore, we have sports activities, an annual play, two camps and a “birthday” week (Dies) full of activities in May. Furthermore, there is a Master's Club organising activities especially for master students. Of course you can also join the other Proton activities. All activities can be found here. 


Apart from recreational activities where members can relax, Proton also organises study related events, like lectures and excursions to companies to give students an insight into their career perspectives. The foundation Proton International organises an international trip. During this trip, various chemical companies and universities are visited in order to get students acquainted with chemistry abroad. 
In addition to these trips, Proton organises the PAC symposium together with the chemistry student associations from Amsterdam and Leiden. At this symposium a lot of foreign and domestic orators gather to give lectures on various topics in chemistry.
Apart from organising a wide range of activities for her members, Proton also has her own magazine called ‘De Chemograaph’. Chemistry related articles, interviews with professors and reports of Proton activities are examples of what can be found in this magazine.

Career Orientation    

Proton organises many activities which allow you to orient on what you can do after obtaining your master’s degree. Throughout the year there are lunch lectures during which a company informs you about their core tasks and job possibilities. Also a Career Day will be organised where alumni of Utrecht University tell more about their career paths. So Proton has a lot to offer when it comes to your career! 

The Department    

Proton has a close relationship with the Department of Chemistry, which results in a broad cooperation between the two. The commissioner of education of the association is also a member of the department board and coordinates the student representation of the education. For more information, send an e-mail to

Master Activities

Next to the general activities, Proton organises activities only for master students in both the GSNS and GSLS! Come join us at one of these activities to bond with your fellow students. The GSNS activities are in collaboration with the other students associations of the Faculty of Science.

Proton Room

You can find the Proton Room on the second floor of the Koningsberger building. We are open daily, from 8.45 till 17.30 h. You can come here to relax in between your lectures or experiments with a free cup of  coffee or tea.

Book Sale

Proton is responsible for the book and reader sale. As a member you can order your study books at a discount at the webshop. Readers for certain courses can be bought at the Proton Room.