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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "PROTON"

Metaphysical Chemistry Society

Belasting: Gemiddeld
Doel: Ter ontspanning
Verband: Protongericht

Some aspects of Chemistry we rarely encounter as students of modern chemistry.
Here we venture deeper into the darker regions of Chemistry:
its philosophy and metaphysics, (and naturally flirt with some alchemical ideas...)


  • Chemistry is the science with the largest influence on us and the whole planet.
  • Everything is made of chemicals, but is this true? what does it mean?
  • Were alchemists onto something more than we think?

In our ventures we will read articles and books, watch films, discuss, criticize, and explore concepts; many of which cannot be answered by science.

Interested humans can join the society after individually performing the initiation ritual.
The formulae for the initiation ritual can be obtained by emailing a request to Albaraa Falodah,

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