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Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging "PROTON"

Literature Review

Are you interested in writing your literature review for a company? Please contact with your name and the topic you're interested in. If you are interested in a topic, but don't want to start until next year, please send us an email as well.

Topics by OMV:

First topic:

- State-of-the-art vegetable oil cleaning (especially for hydroprocessing applications)

- Most recent scientific developments in the area of vegetable oil cleaning

Second topic:

- Glycerol washing of used cooking oil for cleaning

- Adsorption to remove phospholipids (instead of acid washing for degumming)

- Adsorption to remove pigments (instead of activated bleaching earth)

Topic by Nanomi:

Acceptence criteria and tolerance levels for key physicochemical properties

What are the optimal acceptance criteria and tolerance levels for key physicochemical properties, such as pH and osmolality, in complex injectable formulations intended for in vivo administration, and how are these properties influenced by different excipients?

Industry standards: Investigate and review existing industry standards and regulatory guidelines related to physicochemical properties of injectables.

Biological Impact: Investigate the biological effect of injectables containing different types of therapeutic agents with different pH and osmolality values (also deviating from the target specifications) on the human body upon parenteral injection of the product.

Impact of excipients: Explore how different excipients influence pH and osmolality.

For more information a Confidentiallity Agreement should be signed first.